Xp_rewards for harvest are bugged or it is an inactive feature?

At the farmer_description.json, there is this entry:

   "xp_rewards": {
      "base_exp_per_harvest": 4,
      "stonehearth:pumpkin_crop": 10,
      "stonehearth:corn_crop": 30,
      "stonehearth:crops:tester_crop": 120,
      "stonehearth:crops:tester_crop_2": 120

So I tested in game to see if there was really a different xp rate for each crop harvested. It didn’t worked.

Then I noticed this was just because the alias are wrong!

Instead of stonehearth:pumpkin_crop it should be listed as stonehearth:crops:pumpkin_crop
Making this change made the exp for pumpkin equal to 10 instead of the 4, and the corn gave 30. (plus a few extra bonus xp from the mind attribute)

So this bug report is not only a bug report but also a question to whether this is a bug or it is in an inactive state.
Note that there is only two crops listed there, I will guess it is just an inative feature, as it is missing all other crops and the values are kinda not balanced…


nice catch! as you said it could be an inactive feature, but just in case i’ll page @sdee :slight_smile:

This is indeed a very old inactive feature. We’ll likely revisit farmer xp rewards once we do a design pass on classes/jobs overall.

  • Linda