Wurm online meeting

Anybody into that game? Cause it looks fun.

Also now let’s try to have a meeting in that game!
My friend is running a soon-to-be pmk in the pvp server named chaos on it. would be nice if any of you joined it.

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Looks interesting, I will check it out.

Ah, Wurm Online. One of (in my opinion) the best sandbox games out there. You can build almost anything, just it might take a long time to build it. And the latest update which added bridges is simply amazing! In case you didn’t guess, I love this game!

However, there is one thing: This game will take a large amount of your time. A very large amount of time. But totally worth it!

If there is any interest at all in this game, I would love to start a new character with some of us Stonehearth types and play together. Playing with people is a whole lot more fun!

bridges arent here yet…

Looks nice. I think I could try this game, but only with the community ;p

I… I am speechless, this looks untterly fantastic! Needless to say, downloading it right now

please give your skype so i can contact you and we can maybe get the group in the game.

I would actually be very interested in playing this :smiley: looks fun!

Whelp, just registered, hope I have fun :D!

add me on skype: ownerpure5

Wow, quite a lot of interest here! Awesome!

Alright, I have completed the tutorial and I am waiting to enter the portals that will take me to the servers. Which one shall we choose?

Here is all the information you would need to pick a server.

If you wish a more hard-core experience, choose Chaos. If you wish a more newbie friendly experience, Pristine or Release are good choices. For a “normal” experience, choose one of the three Epic servers (I like these the best). And all other information is there for your enjoyment!

Now, did you guys want to all get on together at one time and start playing, or one of us scouts out a good location for a village and the rest will arrive at their own pace?

Onwards, for the glory of Stonehearth!

I have attempted to add ownerpure5 on skype, I currently have it downloaded and was playing a bit in the tutorial, do you have skype as well heilari?

Join independence. the big server named Independence.

Indeed I do, try na-heilari

Also, what time shall we all get on and play? I am in the EST timezone, so GMT-5

EDIT: I should have this as my picture

around 4pm EST would be good for me.

by the way, here is the map for the independence server.


i’ve added you on skype now by the way

Annnnnnnd accepted!

So, me, @ownerpure5 are in the EST timezone, so GMT -5.
@Zoljin, what timezone are you in? If we could coordinate times, we could all hop on at a time that is good for everyone and start playing together!

Now, from looking at the map provided by @ownerpure5, where did you guys wish to build? I was thinking Eminence Island, the Center-Southmost island. We would all spawn at The Howl, then take the road all the way south, then cross the river.

Where did you guys wish to build?

I am in CST so i am one hour behind ya’ll. and looking at the few things that are actually built there that seems like the optimal place to build

I’ve had this game in the back of my mind for a while, but never really got time to dive into it. I’d be willing to jump in with you guys (I’m also in the Eastern Timezone).