Would like to get permissions for translating and transforming Desktop Tuesday videos/texts

Allow me to put forward my request first, then I’ll turn back to the reasons or justifications. I would like to be officially permitted to localize DT contents into Chinese.

It’s been a long time since I found Stonehearth and fell in love with it :grinning: Before long, I joined @law in localization, I was in charge of DT-related stuffs from like Oct.2015 (not quite a long time though :joy:), as you can see:

And when DT videos became a common rule, I began to make subtitles for them

[latest links:]
http://www.bilibili.com/video/av4861024/ and so on…(seems that you can get access to it without a VPN)

But please don’t misunderstand me, never had I made any money out of the videos nor am I here for praise or good words. The reason why I’m here is that today, when I was browsing videos in the website where I posted my translated ones, I found one video was reported and deleted (not my video, but another user who makes subtitles for youtube videos), the report reason is that the user was posting without the permissions from original youtubers, It makes me kinda anxious and I think it high time asking for your permissions:

I would appreciate it if you could allow me to localize DT contents for uneconomical usage.

@sdee @yshan :sweat_smile:

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I think this shouldnt be a big Problem :wink: aslong you dont change some informations etc xD But i think for this we should ask @brad xD

:joy: Thanks for helping

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