World Interraction for both mobs and people

I really think some things should happen while we have our world start up/encounter traders.

  1. Have them actually go into your town and stand near the flag. For the “Grizzled Traveler”, have them walk into your camp, wave and drop off the food.
  2. For the traders, have them come by sporting large packs/carts/wagons with horses, stand near the flag or by your camp at a road and have them “set up shop”. Make them actually be there.
  3. Have the Goblin actually “swagger into town”. Have him triumphantly go in, stand in front of someone and start a conversation, with various pointing and guffawing (Hands on his hips, puffing out his chest to look all triumphant), and then have him walk back to his camp, that way you can see where he’s coming from, that way we don’t need to scour around for a camp.
  4. Have Clay Golems attack you in Rayya’s Children. Adds more variety to mobs.