World Edit Mode

I just think about some kind of Edit mode that will give you the ultimate power of creating anything, leveling terrain, adding water, creating spawn zones for monsters, placing trees, rocks and plants and then, export the file and sharing it with the community … An amazing thing but, I understand, it will be hard and long to make.

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would be really useful for hand crafted maps and quests :+1:

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Actually, this is 2/3 already implemented :merry: If you activate the debug tools package, you get access to the item stamper, which allows you to search for any item in the game (including several which aren’t fully implemented, such as palm trees) and place them freely. You can also use the console commands to do things like instantly construct a blueprint or mine a marked area, modify game parameters (e.g. set the time of day so that the save is loaded in the middle of the night), or modify entities and items (e.g. change the scale of a varanus to make it the size of a house, and give it health to match, creating a “boss monster”.) You can use the campaign explorer to create events or drop in campaigns, so you could for example create a save where Ogo’s army is already approaching and it’s a race against time to find a way to deal with that.

We already have a lot of powerful ways to manipulate the story that’s happening in a save, and we can freely edit the items in the world. The only thing we can’t do much about, currently at least, is modifying or adding terrain – we can remove using insta-mine, but we can’t replace it. That said, when the dev team figure out how to allow players to modify terrain (whether it’s the Geomancer doing all of it, or perhaps something more old-fashioned like a hearthling with a shovel and a bucket as the early-game option lol!) they’ll undoubtedly update the debug tools to enable players to do that in “testing mode” too.