World and Building Voxel size?

How many times bigger are world and building voxels compared to character voxel size?

2 times? 3 times?

I would say between 8 and sixteen times but people like @voxel_pirate aare sure to know.

There’s no such thing as a “standard” I believe. Each entity can be scaled as it pleases (the good ol’ example that always comes up is when Tom shows you Cthulhu and he’s actually smaller than a villager, unscaled).

You can check the size for each entity in its JSON file (components.render_info.scale). For critters it’s 0.12, squirrels have 0.07, beds are 0.22, tall grass is 0.1. Trees are all 1.0, so each voxel of a tree is what the game considers to be “standard”.

The “fields” for stockpiles are also those units (you can compare the size to the trunk of trees for that matter). I remember that there was something regarding item placing long time ago where one field was 16 voxels or so, but I think this has changed.

Technically, you can scale all this stuff in whatever way you want. A building consists of very few voxels, and each part could easily have a different “density”.

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okay, thanks.
i shall experiment c:

Building to settlers should be 1:10. For the rest / details see RepeatPan’s post :wink:.

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Well, I’m guessing the only way to find out is to look into Stonehearth’s Files and Tinker with them.

The world is based on 10x10 voxel squares.

“The world” being? I’m pretty sure that trees are actually 1:1 (as are some of the small rocks), one tile of stockpile/farm representing exactly one unit. It looks like all items can be aligned to this new grid too. What do you mean with “the world”?

I don’t actully have Stonehearth… ;A;

Don’t worry, many people here don’t have Access to the Alpha.

If you do, however want the Game, pick it up for Pre-Order from the Main Website.

If you’re therefore asking because you want to get into modelling a bit before purchasing the game, the answer is as following:

It doesn’t matter. The official style guide is that one is to use as few voxels as possible (i.e. a minimalistic approach that has just enough details so it looks cute without wasting too many voxels on useless details). Most of the critters, for example, are less than 10 blocks in each dimension. As soon as I’ve wrapped up ShPad, you’ll be able to see some of these in detail.

The voxels are interchangeable in size, i.e. a building can have a voxel that would be 10m in real life while a berry could have a voxel of one centimeter. Everything is dynamically flexible and there is no need (neither artistically nor engine-wise) that “everything is even-sized”, merely that it consists of voxels.

Example: If you want to, you could have “HD” models of the settlers which use much more voxels but would be the very same height (by simply setting the scale to one half).


I should have said the world grid. The last I remember the world grid is based on a 10x10 square of voxels.

I vaguely remember something like that too, but stockpiles/item placing seem to line up perfectly with trees… And it wouldn’t make much sense to have any smaller unit for a grid. After all, the grid should be the smallest unit available.

I don’t have access to the tree models on this computer, but aren’t the matrices a multiple of ten? I think that is why they line up properly.

Edit: They are 20x20


As you can see, the trunk is 5 pixels wide (yes, it’s not the same skin - but both are medium oak trees, which don’t differ in their size as far as I know.). Which lines up perfectly:

So unless the grid for stockpiles, items and everything else itself was multiplied by ten too, then that would be the smallest unit.

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So that basically mean that since there’s no standard (with the exception of the engine using 1.0 as a ref point) we can make something out of 15 voxels or 100 it’s the scale itself that matters. Obviously making something out of 100+ and scaling it down could result in performance issues. But for those of us planning models out in advance that’s all we have to think about? Creating a new tree or person there isn’t a normalized value we should use? (Ex people have to be 30 high etc)

From my point of view @Sirius we should differentiate from what is possible via the engine and what looks “Stonehearthish”. If you create a detailed model and scale it down this will not only have impacts on the performance but also might look too detailed compared to the original models in the game. Personally I try to stay with what we see from the devs and not to create “something” and re-size it to fit later on. I think this results in a look which is closer to the game’s design.

You can have a one-voxel thing as tall rendered as a hundred-voxel-thing. The only real restriction is a “style guide”, which says to use as few voxels as possible.

Honestly, I’m working on ShPad! Really badly. You’ll be able to take a look at the original models to see what is going on.