Workers stats do anything yet?

Like the title says - do the Mind / Body / Spirit stats of a worker have any effect on anything yet?

I assume that eventually, high spirit will be good for the magey types, high body for laborers and soldiers etc and high mind for crafters (or something like that) but at present they don;t do anything, right??

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I think body does have a correlation with walking speed [at least it does in the detailed stat menu.] The mind stat doesn’t seem to affect detailed stats.

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I don’t think so, but they will probably add stuff like that.

In addition to what @coasterspaul said, the other thing I’ve noticed is that every stat is used (indirectly) to decide the max-health.


and the moral :wink: i think mind would be neccessary later for the mage ^^


I suspect it’s more likely to be spirit than mind for magic. Otherwise what else is the spirit stat for? :smile:

Spirit could also affect things like morale.

Ideally, all factors should have some role to play in a Hearthling’s performance. A blacksmith with high mind but low body could make finer stuff, but not as quickly. A carpenter with low mind but high body would make average stuff, but get it out quickly. An archer with higher mind would aim better; an archer with higher body would shoot more powerfully across a larger range.

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how in-depth Radiant decides to go with stats.


I think Body is for the movement and health

Mind is for the mage or some other mind using actually

Spirit for how mcuh brave they are and how much they’ll obay your command (if you’re kinda at the state of a god)

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