Do farmers need mind body or spirit

do they need one of the three mind body or spirit to work better or faster

I go for the highest body I can get on farmers. They’ll move faster and work longer with higher body. If you want them to level up faster higher mind will help, and I don’t bother with spirit for farmers. They’re not gonna be healing, fighting, or shepherding animals so it’s wasted on em.


Mind affects how fast they gain Exp.

  • So if you need to level up a farmer really quick, the higher the mind the better.

Body affects how fast they move.

  • So if you want them running from field to field faster, not necessarily tilling faster, then you want higher body.

Spirit affects how courageous they are.

  • So…pretty pointless for a farmer.

To be honest with you, I use my farmers as a dump skill. If I get a Hearthling that has all ones, maybe a two, I make them farmers as it doesn’t really matter.


Spirit is useless, I go for 4-4-any Hearthling for a Farmer because with low Mind they need to sleep a lot and crops keep rotting in the fields. Green Thumb trait is usually a decisive factor.


thanks guys
this was really helpful

I agree with Pawel, for the most part. I generally consider my farmers to be just another “Laborer”, meaning they’re fairly interchangeable with workers. A high mind HELPS, because they’ll work longer (b/c of diligence), and a high body means they move faster, but farmers also get a helluva speed boost at 2nd level anyways. At the end of the day, a farmer’s stats aren’t REALLY that important. The only really deciding factor for me is if they have green thumb or passionate farmer. Otherwise, my farmers and workers are pretty interchangeable. If I find that I need more workers to finish a construction job real quick, I’ll demote some farmers and promote them back when I’m done.