Workers go to build with full inventory

My hearthlings often go to collect some resources (food, seeds etc), then switch to constructing buildings without unloading their cargo first.
That leads to unpleasant situations where I wait for an item to be delivered to my stockpile to use it, but a hearthling decides to be a builder now and abandons delivering the item, carrying it in his inventory and preventing other hearthlings to do it for him.

How I see the solution:

  1. If this delivery is prioritized (for example, the town is low on this particular resource), a hearthling should go on with delivery, ignoring construction until his current task is done
  2. If this delivery is not prioritized (the town has some of this resource) and a hearthling did not picked up this item, do more important work first
  3. If this delivery is not prioritized, and a hearthling did picked up this item, try to make pathing to the construction site so that it passes near your settlement, then drop the item when two paths (to stockpile and to construction) diverge and go building (another hearthling can finish delivery for him, but won’t need to go all the way).
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