Worker stuck on top floor of custom building

The custom building functionality is super fun and I’m really enjoying it. Today I tried to create a building with a top floor, but now one of my workers is stuck up there and I’m not sure how to get him down. It’s just walls, windows, ceiling up there. I suppose I should have left an opening in the floor so I could build a ladder up there, huh? What’s the proper way to build additional floors on buildings so workers can actually get there and back without getting stuck?

So make a floor and put the walls up. Build that. Then, once all is clear, put a floor on the walls, erase a 2x2 hole so a ladder or two can go up the first floor wall to the floor above. Manual wall around that. Slabs for roof. Build.

This is the only way I got mine to work.

(That inner wall is just slabs made to look like the walls.)

Alright that makes sense. Thanks much!

I like to put my stairs outside like the building is a duplex and you can’t access the floors from one another directly. I find it aesthetically appealing, because I usually leave a smaller floor plan on the second floor with a bit of a patio (raise second floor walls first, then add the rest of the patio/flat roof of the first floor).

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