Worker now has ability Levitate

One of my workers, upon placing a single wooden log down in the middle of a stockpile, stood on top of it, and then boosted himself in the air a whole two feet further. Now he’s just levitating there, and a thunderstorm is due in less than an hour. The log has even been removed from underneath him, I guess he just really likes the fresh air.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Have Worker collect an Oak Log
  2. Have Worker place said Oak Log in a max area stockpile.
  3. Wingardium Leviosa?

Expected Results:
Worker places Log and skips around, content that he has once again completed a task to please his nameless overlord.

Actual Results:
Worker levitates, immobile other than standard idle animations. Nothing can move him. Town Alert mode merely makes him do a battle pose approximately 3 feet off the ground. He is all powerful, and yet confined to a single space in reality, trapped in the intangible incarceration of… air?

Also, Workers in this same file would place stuff in crates next to a building, and then proceed to walk through said building like it didn’t exist. Upon exiting the far wall of the building, the workers were no longer able to yeet through the walls until they repeated the method of storage again.

Screenshot - 363128a2c17389079e55bf082bfecebb - Gyazo
Screenshot - b57f23ee27efaa5f95984a4415a7d672 - Gyazo

Version Number and Mods in use:
release-860 (x64) , Latest update. No mods in use.

System Information:
Unsure what to type in this section. If needed, please notify me.

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