Worker No Job Anymore?

Did you guys change so workers don’t need job box ticked anymore for doing their stuff because it’s no longer marked and cant tick it anymore.
Same for save as a new game

Release 838

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Well, those three things are their jobs are they not? You can be more specific now about what they will do.

They also cut wood though…

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True, is that maybe part of mining?


It’s kinda strange atm

We already had haul/build/mine options for workers, but there were a few things that seemed to fall under job.

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Yes, I guess both gathering and chopping. I have not noticed the box for job being uncheck, they all seem to be doing all their tasks. I’ll look at my game tonight and see if it’s the same.

That’s strange, not sure if intended. It might have been a fallout from some multiplayer code.
Thanks for reporting!

Edit: OK so @linda just confirmed to me that it is intended. Some things that fell into “Job” (like building ladders) were moved to Haul. So “Job” will be used for the rest of classes in the game (workers don’t really have any special job activity that could be considered for that column).


I guess we will get a renamed “mine” to something else to make logic for chopping wood then :slight_smile:

Well it could be as simple as chop/mine.

Also am I right in thinking this enables extra functionality for some classes? I noticed my trapper now also cuts wood for instance

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