Idle non-workers?

I noticed only Workers will continue to work on non-class jobs such as mining and building. For example, if you promote someone to a blacksmith, he’ll only do blacksmith jobs at his workshop. Occasionally he might deign to pick up the scattered pieces of wood/ore lying around, but for the most part he (and all other promoted Hearthlings) will just idle.

Is this expected behaviour? It’s really annoying when you’re early in the game and have more than half of your tiny workforce promoted, leaving only the remaining 1-2 guys to do all the mining, road laying, etc.

yes this is intended, this is why you shouldn’t promote everyone to a job right at the beginning :wink: it makes sense to me, having to decide whether you need a trapper or carpenter more and so on…

Really? Ouch. I’m tempted to just make one Hearthling switch to whatever job I need at the moment, and leave everyone else as workers, but it seems like a waste. Especially since the worker class doesn’t gain any xp or skills.

I always promote, carp first and trapper, then make a hoe and then promote farmer. I wait till I get a new villager to promote to another job/class I usually need (footman). To me keeping at least 4 workers at all time makes the game go smooth, and your not really needing much.

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Yer it’s completely intentional, to make you think about how you want to develop your settlement and what route to go down - do you increase your army but then perhaps this weakens the development of other parts, and vice versa.

I also think there will be a penalty implemented to constantly switching jobs - can’t quite remember.


Yes, I prefer it this way. Otherwise, what’s the point of having workers if everyone else can do their job? This keeps the game balanced and forces you to make some decisions as to how you manage your trades.
You can still change jobs if you really need to.

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I Find my non worker hearthlings always help with at least building and clean up. But they dont mine.

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Actually, I don’t have this problem. The only class that doesn’t help haul and build is the footman, which is understandable. I guess the shepherd also, to an extent, but he is an enigma to me.

I much prefer the current system, where you are slowed down by needing a core workforce.

On second thought, make sure you aren’t encountering the idle worker bug. I don’t know for sure, but I seem to have it affect my carpenters fairly regularly.


Keep in mind what each class does and does not do. This is based on personal observation:

Anyone except Footmen will harvest trees or berries, build ladders, and move items to stockpiles.
Workers, Carpenters, and Masons will build buildings. Weavers, Trappers, and Blacksmiths won’t.
Only Workers will Mine.
I think only Workers will place or move items like beds, but I’m not sure about that.
Footmen do nothing except bash goblins.

Crafters of all sorts will only move items to stockpile if they don’t have anything better to do directly related to their craft. For example, if the Carpenter will do items in his crafting queue first, then build buildings, then stockpile items.


There are big XP costs associated with levelling up half a dozen professions, though not many (any?) other penalties ATM.


Citizens that are not workers don’t mine and will not build houses until the floor is complete.

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