Wood on house, people stop building

sometimes wood gets stuck on the roof when i finished my building and when my carpenter makes beds(sleeping quarter) or dinning tables & chairs (dinning house) they stop building the houses. sometimes when they eat in the dinning house the floate above their chair and some het stuck on the table. i hope you do something about it because its realy bugging me.

hey there @27DarkShadow09 … welcome aboard! :smile:

I believe all of the issues you mention have already been reported… i’ll do a quick scan and merge (if need be), but failing that, rest assured these are known issues… :+1:

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tnx @SteveAdamo i didn’t notice but i hope it gets fixed because its bugging me.

For the wood / stone on top of the roof you can build a ladder onto the roof of the house so they retrieve the wood. When the Hearthlings have some spare time they will hope up there and get the wood / stone. I usually build the ladder at the back and just leave it as part of the house.

tnx @Krovikan thats a great idea for now but i hope they wil fix it still. :smile:

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well this still is Alpha 7 and not feature complete :wink:

It is just the procrastination feature “I will get to it later” and force lift feature instead of X-Wings they lift each other up.