Wombats Feedback of Alpha 4

Hi all here is Wombats feedback for Alpha 4. No !Testing! has occoured yet but I have stumbled accorss several things which are great groundwork for all future !testing!

  1. Gamepace:
    The Games pace still seems off, I have burst of paused mass ordering then sitting around for 20 minutes while those orders are carried out. I think this could be solved by locking things to there classes. For example I shouldnt be able to place my farms until I have farmers, I think.

  2. Farming and food:
    Survival in this game is WAY to easy. I promote my carpenter then make 2x hoes for farmers, immediately promote. 2x 15x15 plots, one for turnips and one for wheat, my initial berries see me through to first harvest then its a surplus for the rest of the game. Also I feel the ROI is way off balance, for only a little time at the start I get workers who can then do other things and provided infinite food, its to good to be true.

  3. Combat
    Feels ok, animations seem to fast for me, its like watching ninjas. The lack of feedback is unusual, I assume this will be fixed once the equipment screen is implemented and I can see wounds. It just seems to strange atm with no way of knowing how the battle is going. Second, can my guys die.

  4. Losing
    I know this game is light hearted and a sandbox, but I just cant lose and that makes me sad. Some of my greatest gaming moments are games where I lose, and I haven’t heard any talk from the devs on you actually can lose in this game. Some clarification would be nice, might I recommend tantrum spirals.

  5. General Comment
    As I said in my first thread I was going to buy the game when it hit this point and I did. I am very pleased with my purchase and cant wait to see the direction this goes. Keep it up lads.


I think I heard in one of the live streams that losing would be a big part and that the dev’s have spent a lot of time coming up with original/ hilarious ways of losing the game, they are just not implemented yet.

excellent review… :+1:

and take heart, losing is absolutely a thing, but with only rudimentary combat elements currently in place, it’s unlikely…

give it some time… :wink:

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A quick change to 2. Farming,

You dont even need those first berries, you can live without anything untill the first beet harvest.

You running mods? I ask this because I’m not and I never get fewer than 6 goblins when they attack. And my footmen are stupid and chase them all over. I gave up one time because I was down to 1 workman 2 farmers and a carpenter. There were 4 headstones in my village that said ??? will always be remembered. And there were still 30 or so Goblins stealing my stuff. They just kept multiplying.

I didn’t get a single goblin attack, or theft, until I had six houses, a wall, and at least 8 caravans had come. It was weird when they did attack the just stared at my wall until my one footman came out and butchered the 6 goblins without resistance.

They seem to have a real problem with pathing for me, a wall with limited access and they just mill around outside

Did another game (two actually). Apparently all goblins fear me because I don’t see them.

Just let all your villages attack the goblins when there are 5 or something with swords then you’ll lose

I don’t get how everybody else seems to be able to play for such a long time without getting all their workers stuck idling. What am I doing wrong? :<

Anyway, awesome review, @Wombat85. I agree with everything, pretty much.

That’s also interesting. I got no goblins at all the first two games, and then something like four the second game. Well, more in total, but never more than four at a time.

I don’t copy anyone who found bugs. :smile:

Sometimes, when Tom is playtesting the game, we distract him with some design conversation, and by the time he returns, everyone’s a tombstone around the firepit.


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@Dwalus what reviews? I have posted bug reports, the !testing! thread and this feedback. The contents here are based on what the design team has specifically stated they are trying to get right at the moment and no where do I say this is a review of the game, I say this is feedback on alpha 4, nothing more and nothing less. Refer to my number 5.


My apologies, I must have gotten you mixed up with another person to post his reviews on the forums. My bad.


As for points 1+2, keep in mind that as more content comes in, you’re likely to have more to do. And balancing will of course happen, but will likely come a bit further down the road.

As for 4, when the scenario API is up and running, that shouldn’t be a problem. I can’t wait to be squashed by a titan. And intend to play ironman like I always do on games. :blush: