Wolfs have duplicate models

Not really a bug. Just a concern.

I was adapting the wolf to my biome (just turning it into a generic big cat) when I started having problems with overlapping models.

As you can see, the entity is loading 2 models! One from critters and one from monsters/forest. (I was overriding the forest model)

This is probably because the forest wolf (and all other wolfs) have a mixin of a basic wolf. The game loads the main models, and then also loads the model from the mixin.

  "model_variants": {
     "default": {
        "models": [

Shouldn’t the mixin model be override by the new model? I thought that when you use an “array” it didn’t added, just replaced the content. (Wasnt this exactly the problem with translated population names before? They were just a list in an array.)

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If you use an array, it adds to the existing array.
If you have to specify that you want to override the array instead. So it would look like:
“model_variants”: {
“default”: {,
“mixintypes”: {
“models”: “override”
“models”: [

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In this case where the wolf has two models, one from its mixins, what is the best option? If I just override it, only one model will be replaced. Unless I override both, but then I should also reskin all other wolf types, cause they also loads from the critter version.

Just to make it clear (it is hard to explain). The wolf has two models from the default game, it was not added by me.

You said the wolf has two models from the default game?
Can you tell me what uri you used to spawn the wolf?
For me, I used stonehearth:wolf and it only has one model?

That is the one used as mixin by the others.

All other (forest, goblin and kobold versions) have that one as a mixin.
I used the stonehearth:monster:forest:wolf

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Oh I see what you mean now. Looking into it with @linda
Thanks for reporting this


Nice catch! A fix for wolves having two qb models will be in the next build.