Will this game have . . . .?

I realize that to a certain extent the answer to a lot of these might be “sure, once someone mods it in”, but at least potentially, will this game have or let me . . . .

. . . build houses up in the trees?

. . . flowing water? Rivers? Waterfalls?

. . . magic?

. . . nonhuman playable races?

. . . subterranean spaces (caves?)

. . .destructible buildings or terrain (i.e., can a Titan stomp on my house?)

. . . machinery? Windmills, etc? Drawbridges?

. . . seige engines?

Those were all I could think of right off, but I’m sure other people can think of other types of things they’d like to know whether or not they’ll be in here (and/or things people might be interested in modding in).


Well, though I’m not interested in nonhuman playable races, or magic, or houses in trees, I am very interested in water/rivers/waterfalls, caves, and machinery. :smiley:

There is what looks to be a waterfall in one of the photos they posted and a pretty substantial river running through a town in another. They mentioned continents in the video so I imagine that there will be some rather large bodies of water in the game as well. If that is the case I wonder about seafaring and related stuff. port cities? Water based titians? The mothaf*ckin’ Krakan?!

There does seem to be a wizard of some kind in one of the pics as well, so I guess there will be magic in- game.

Good post.

I’m hoping there will be terraforming too - the ability to place pretty much all the natural blocks as well as refined or manufactured blocks.

I also really like the idea of tree houses! ♫ Robin Hood Robin Hood riding through the glen! ♫

Flowing water is a must I think. It doesn’t have to be any more realistic than say the water in Minecraft.

Destruction: I think pretty much everything should be - why have a world based on block unless it makes things easier to make - and destroy!

Maybe gravity will make an appearance, even if it’s only a limited one (like the gravel in Minecraft (sorry for mentioning it twice now…))

I just assumed it would have terrain deformation. The thought hadn’t even occurred to me that you wouldn’t be able to shape the land. I hope you will be able to though. I do think they talked about the possibility of adding digging and caves, so that would imply that there is, in fact shaping and mining and stuff.

It would be nice to have some sort of risk in the game. I want a reason to have an army, and that reason is to stop my town from being destroyed. Fires, earthquakes, enemy armies, titans, all these things could potentially destroy a town.

The mother-load of all monsters: Cthulhu

Yeah, all the things I listed were things that I noticed or didn’t notice weren’t in the release video – for example, I noticed the river, but didn’t see the water in it moving, I saw the great big cool trees and thought “I want to build on top of those.”

I agree that mining and deformable terrain are kindof a must for games like this, if only so you can clear land for your settlement and tidy up the raw corners that come with procedural generation. I don’t think it needs involved, detailed mining simulation right off, but some sort of basic earth-moving ability seems pretty important for this genre of game.

Deformable, damageable buildings seem to be hinted at (something about some wood types resisting damage better) but there’s of course a lot in that, so maybe they’re just not to that point in the dev cycle yet. But yeah, Titans are going to be a lot scarier if (for example) they can step on wooden houses and crush them. Or dragon fire burning houses. Or some types of stone being more or less vulnerable to seige engines.

You’re right that it looks like they’ve got some kind of “magic” in at least. Seems to be some kind of interaction with the crafting system if nothing else.


. . . . . boats? Boat travel? Ship to ship battles?

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That was my thinking on the terrain as well. We at least need the ability to clear land for the settlements.

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Hi, in my opinion this game should have things like education or research too. Also main elements, found in RPG´s, could be interesting, such as a skill tree or classes like ouphe, human or orcs.

Another one:

. . . . Architecture? Houses and doors are nice, but what about archways? Corbelled ceilings? Huge gothic vaults? Circular towers?

. . . happiness and sadness for your settlers? Inter-settler dynamics? Likes and dislikes?

I don’t think they have mining and deformable terrain in mind for the beta. I think it’s on the Kickstarter FAQ that they want to introduce mining eventually, but for now are focusing on above ground building.
If you look at the terrain engine update (10 April), or especially “Taking Another Stab at World Generation” (15 March) it looks like they’ve intentionally designed their terrain algorithms to provide a lot of flat land to build a wide settlement.

I for one would looove to seem some ship-to-ship action. So much strategy would go into that. How much do you have to invest in a worker to level him to ship architect? Gather the right type of wood. Do you invest in stout swashbucklers for boarding parties, cannons to blow the opponent out of the water, or sails and sailors to outmaneuver them both? I’m for Cannons. =)

SHIP TO CTHULHU BATTLES! Ship to Ship to Cthulhu mwahahahahahaha!

Also research, yes. I agree.

I think Architecture would just be the design of the builder. You could create archways/corbelled ceilings/gothic vaults just by careful planning.

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