Will the new graphics card work?

I currently have an Intel HD graphics card that doesn’t work very smoothly with StoneHearth. I’m always lagging so much that I can’t do much. I’m planning on getting the Nvidia Gtx 970 graphics card and I was wondering how well it would work with StoneHearth. (Will it lag is my question.) I have an Intel PC with 8gigs of ram.

hey there @TerraSham… welcome aboard! :smile:

I’m not familiar with that particular card, but if it’s relatively new (last 6-9 months or so) it should work considerably better than the onboard GPU… of course, @not_owen_wilson would be able to confirm/elaborate further…


a Nvidia Gtx 970 should run the game fine* (or for that matter most games right now). just make sure your power supply has enough juice to run the thing and make sure you have a big enough computer to stick in in that’s not a small card.

*I saying fine based of the cards power alone and assuming no other issues such as a bad motherboard, software conflict ect…


Hi @TerraSham,

A GTX 970 will absolutely crush Stonehearth; that card is a beast! :smile: That said, you might want to hold off for a few days. If you’re on Steam Unstable, then you’ll be seeing a preview of Alpha 11 pretty soon, and that has some 3d engine performance improvements that (I’m hoping) will make Stonehearth a lot less laggy, on older cards/cpus in particular.

(And I definitely second @solgamma’s advice on the power-supply. Back in the day, I blew out a power-supply when upgrading to a power-hungry card!)


Thank you all! I’ll keep an eye out for my power supply @solgamma!

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Mine works fine :slight_smile: you will still get the Lua issues (not a graphics issue), but graphics wise your set. Use the Vsync though, unless you like running it that high.

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