Will optimizing for Ryzen CPUs be happening soon?

So, I’m wondering if the devs have considered multi-core optimization for Ryzen CPUs. I know this might already be a thing-Stonehearth is, after all, a very CPU-intensive game-but I really think the dev need to address this. A lot of people are buying Ryzen chips because of the good value for the performance, but for a game to use Ryzen to its full potential, there has to be multi-core optimization. A lot of devs are working on this, and it’s really important that Stonehearth is optimized to Ryzen for three reasons:

  1. As I said, a lot of people are buying these CPUs, and for good reason-they are better than Intel CPUs for a lot of applications.
  2. As a highly CPU-intensive game, Stonehearth stands to benefit from the Ryzen chips more than most other games.
  3. As stated previously, Stonehearth will benefit from increased processing power. One of the things that is holding back the widespread use of Ryzen chips is their weaker power in unoptimized games. If AMD’s Ryzen series disappears due to low sales, then beneficial competition will be lost, and the consumer will lose out in the end. We need to support AMD and optimize to their chips, which have the full potential to be better than Intel’s.

So, that’s my piece. In my opinion, the devs need to do this as soon as possible. It will probably help performance, and it will be easier to do than later, when there is more content to optimize. Hoping @sdee and the rest of the devs can do this.

I think its probably already in the plan, but won’t happen any time soon as it requires you to rewrite pretty much all of the code that you want to be used by multiple cores. Some things do not benefit from multi core processing and it would actually become slower as a result, so it requires a bit of finesse.

Yes, I didn’t say it would be easy, and there are definitely some things that don’t do well running over multiple cores. But I’m sure that the AI bathing, for example, would be a great thing to optimize for this, since so many people are saying they don’t have enough processing power to run a large village.

Well stonehearth is already multi-threaded, so the real question would be: is there something special about the multi-threading of Ryzen chips compared to normal? If not, it should already work :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok. Hopefully the devs keep multicore optimization in mind when they add new features, more cores is a really big thing right now.

Apart from the difficulties (or near-impossibility) of multithreading lua applications, I feel like it would be wrong to optimize the game towards a single CPU chip generation (by a single vendor), especially given that it’s a rather new one. On top of that, AMD is used by less than 17% of the Steam users - so that’s quite a small market you would optimize for.

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