Why no pigman kingdom?

i had the idea that it would be cool when there where half human half pig man where and that they spawn on a random place. also there is a pigman king that is a giant ant fat pitman

MANBEARPIG. but in all seriousness, i think you’ve been playing too much don’t starve :stuck_out_tongue:


You can always make a module that has a manbearpigmonkey kingdom in it.
In terms of playable races though I would rather see Dwarves, halflings, or Elves first.

Too used to be unoriginal, not used enough to be default (like human, elf, troll, etc…). Alright idea, though.

This needs to be a thing. Their king, Ganon, must be stopped!

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Their needs to be a better justification than ‘why not’ for a new race.

BUT there is definitely a fantasy-art tradition of pig-faced orcs, so maybe the orcs in Stonehearth could be porcine in appearance.


Don’t Starve is full of Pigmen trust me I know. If you do like Don’t Starve check out my Youtube page for helpful hints and some secrets. Also, did a video on Stonehearth.


you a right i played a lot of don’t starve last weeks