Why I can't / won't recommend StoneHearth (v1.1) to others

I have recently found out that at the current state, the game is broken at the very foundation… it is unfinished and abandoned, because it locks up, receiving (acting upon) no mouse / keyboard commands a few hours into it, even with default settings and on a high(est) spec computer. I think the game is quite good before then, but what point if you can’t actually “finish” it?

And on a side note but still an important one, on the graphical side, there’s no “shininess” to anything, metals don’t reflect anything, everything is just… dull.

The first one can be worked around (as annoying as it is) by quitting / reloading the colony every 30 mins to an hour, but the second one make the game just ugly (and others I showed the game to said the same).

PS. I left a detailed review and “not recommended” on Steam. I’d be happy to change that to a “recommend” and rewrite my review once there is actual dev progress being made and major issues are being fixed, but 3 months in, I just don’t see that happening. Also, most likely the core game-base would have to be re-written to fix some of the major issues, which I don’t see happening. But let’s hope I’m wrong…

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Fair enough.

About the metals, gold does reflect. It is possible to do reflections in any material, it is just that the visual style chosen is more pastel/desaturated, so reflections end up too out of place.


I don’t think stonehearth is that trashy as you claim. Also there is another set of team that are currently revamping the entire game and they are called ACE. As long as your browse through the community workshop then you’ll find this group as 1st place for doing a wonderful job at hotfixing and debugging such certain control or UI issues that you just stated. Give stonehearth another chance dude. :ok_hand:


I understand your frustration I really love this game and am slightly disappointed that the original project team ended. My game starts to go nuts when I hit 25 citizens and I have a nice rig also :slight_smile: so I understand your frustration with the reloading. But since there is ACE working on bugs and what not I’m willing to power through and keep playing. They have done a good job so far keeping it going so I want to support them and maybe one day add my own mod to the game.


Thanks - and I understand, I’m just saying that perhaps the visual style / aesthetics is not really that appealing to most. Sure, reflections can end up being out-of-place, but on the other hand, if used used in a minimalist way, shouldn’t distract from the main visuals. Also, because it is only visual and a personal preference, and has zero impact on the actual game mechanics, the devs should have thought about from the start to have given the option for the player to choose between various styles - changing materials is really not something that difficult in 3D, having taught myself and used OpenGL (it’s been a while, over a decade ago) I know that this is the case and is accomplished just by changing a few numbers.

I don’t mean to call it trashy, I love it. And yes, ACE is doing awesome work and I look forward to the results, I’m just saying, Radiant Ent. should’ve not just stopped working on it, if necessary they should’ve gone the same / similar path that Introversion Software took recently w/ Prison Architect.

I definitely look forward to ACE’s contribution and, if any of that actually fixes the issues, then go back. But as it stands right now, it’s just too frustrating to make any sense to deal with it and its bugs. There are alternatives out there, in particular Oxygen Not Included, which is very satisfying after its changes / additions from the last few months.

I love Oxygen Not Included between this and that game I have sunk so many hours in. I need to scale back however as I want to build a mod for this game so I can continue learning programming and hopefully figure out how I can fix the memory leak. I’m not sure if it is c++ related or LUA but I want to try and tackle it.

Yeah I guess that’s fine n all but hopefully we can see more from ACE.