Why happends this to me?

I hate winter in the game, and waiting for end it i saw that winter were going to ends tomorrow but when the midnight arrives the season info put that winter will end in 84 days!!!

I think is a bug but i dont know how to fix it.

I wish you could help me, thanks.

Maybe a mod is messing with it. What are you using? I remember the boxvox mod having that bug because it mess with the year length. 84 days is a full year in the game so your season is going to last the whole year…

I have a lot of mods:

Beam hearthling stats customitation
Better storage
Building colors
Canyon biome
Cattect colourful clay bricks set
Cattect colourful extended colours
Cattect colourful stone set
Cattect colourful wood set
Crafteable tombstones
Dani’s core mod
Dense fields
Extra map options
Archipielago mod
Furniture expansion (continuation)
Gardens of hearth
Home sweet home
Locks of many hair
Lodewell lights
Miner profession
No more dirt holes
Nordling mod [kingdom][ACE+vanila]
Omniterrain biome
Outdated detalis on steam (this mod was rivers mod)
Phaelens liveable ships
Scraved grove biome
Sailing ships
Settlement decor
Skin of many colours
The bunnycult mod
Yangz yings

While i was writting i though the problem could be with the rivers mod because is outdated.

If you could and you have time can you say me what mods are included in others mods and i can unsuscribe from them because i got “twice” and they could affect at game rendiment

Thanks Bruno

Drop a reply soon and let me know what do you think

Yes, remove the river mod. I can’t remember exactly the problem, if it was completely breaking the game, or just stopping the other mod from working… Either way, the extra map options have rivers as options too (you can enable or disable at will instead of always generating them).
The no more dirt holes can also be removed, it just removes the holes from temperate, while the extra map options can do it for any biome.
In the comments of the omniterrain biome Steam Community :: Omniterrain Biome :: Comments there is a guy mentioning that he got this problem of infinite winter too.

So basically I need to remove rivers mod, no more dirt holes and omniterrain biome.

anyone more that is included in other mod or no ?

Thanks Bruno you have help me a lot

I start a new game with the mods you told me I need to remove and while the game was loading this error message appeared.

That’s basically the same error as the first one, just caused by either a different mod or something in the base game.

For UI errors like this, hitting F5 to reset the UI might be enough to get past it; this was something that happened earlier in the development builds. However, it looks this error would keep popping up even if you refresh the UI…

I would suggest removing all mods, and adding them back in one-at-a-time until you find the culprit. If it happens even with no mods, then try verifying your game files (if you’re on Steam just use the “verify cache” option, if you’re playing outside of Steam try uninstalling and re-installing)