Why did my game unpause on its own did you guys program some hauntings

game un paused after long tinme paused
Steps to reproduce:

  1. start a game
  2. pause it
    3)walk away for around 10 15 hours

Expected Results:
game remains paused like any other
Actual Results:
1467410393459.zip (6.6 MB)

pissed me off the game unpaused

Version Number and Mods in use:
17 latest build with debugger tool
System Information:
ive posted enough you should know my specs by now but

Noticed this happening in my games too. When I set the speed to pause it stays that way, but when I hit esc to pause it will un-pause and pause again frequently

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As far as I could see, it’s caused by the auto-save. It even happens if you open the menu.