Which file determines the rate of experience gain for jobs like farmers and carpenters?

I am trying to figure out how to mod the game so that hearthlings requires less xp to level up.

So far i think i have found out that crafted items give xp depending on the crafter level required to make them (\jobs\crafting_job.lua).

Farmers seem to gain xp depending on the type of crop (\jobs\farmer\farmer.lua).

Now my question is, is it possible to increase / decrease the amount of xp certain items / crops give?

In the job description json, there is a list of xp gaining per level.

   "xp_rewards": {
      "craft_level_0": 15,
      "craft_level_1": 17,
      "craft_level_2": 19,
      "craft_level_3": 21,
      "craft_level_4": 23,
      "craft_level_5": 25,
      "craft_level_6": 27

That seems to have answered my question, thanks!