Where is the bug reporting supposed to be?

Where is the bug reporting supposed to be?

In the past it was over at another site, but this last Desktop Tuesday @SteveAdamo pointed all the bug reporting to the “discourse”. That’s why I ask.

I can’t speak for Radiant, but I know @Geoffers747 and I only maintain this location (I hardly ever find myself on curse)… it was just my natural response to suggest reports reside here, but honestly, they can go in either place…

folks will just likely get more of a response here…

That would be lovely to get official word of where they want bug reports. OK, for now I think I’ll post them here.

The team respond to them here on the discourse, and I believe they also respond to them over on Curse. Like @SteveAdamo said, we only maintain this place, but you can post in either place.