Put Discourse link in game

Every time I look at the Stonehearth Facebook page, or the comments on Desktop Tuesdays, I see people reporting bugs there, or even complaining that there is nowhere to report them. Therefore I think it would be useful to put an instruction somewhere in the game telling people to report bugs here (e.g. a link on the “front page”).
One problem with this idea is that it may lead to a huge number of duplicates with players flooding this site and not bothering to check if their bug has already been reported.


I suppose it wouldnt hurt… right away.

We get that already TBH - @SteveAdamo did a new readme sticky but I doubt any new people read it before posting their duplicate bug reports :smiley: . Just one of those things we’re going to have to put up with regardless.


I have to read the rules now? Don’t think so, #Rebel


I’ll be honest - I basically never read forum rules either - but in my defence, I at least try to make my posts fit in, use the search function, and so on :wink: .

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monitors thread

and chuckles


I read the rules.

Waits for his cookie and gold star.