Better way to do bug reporting

Right now when you try to report a bug it’s too much work, you have to set up an account on a service you don’t know and then you can tell the developers what your problem is. I would like to suggest that we take a page out of mobile gaming’s book and make it easier for users to submit feedback (ex: do you like this game? y/n > N > what do you not like about it? user enters into text field)

I think it would be good to use Discourse in the future for loyal players, but having a quick way to provide feedback can give better insight to how a user is feeling in the game without requiring them to create accounts and submit tickets.

Another way to describe what I’m talking about is that the drop off rate of users that are hit with a sign up screen is significant, making sure that is a quick and painless route is important, which is out of Radiant’s hands if they use Discourse. Assuming Discourse is a slightly more difficult option, they should be using an alternate way of getting feedback: like a free form text box with the option to provide more detail by joining the discourse discussions.

I dont think about it that way.
If u like the game that is an Alpha, i actually want to inform the developers about the project so i put bugs and such on discourse to improve gameplay. However, i did not notice how i can get quick acess to bugs/questions as in normal fora. But thats a different thing.

Option for me to put in quicker feedback would be to built ingame feedback post that goes straight to Discourse because u allready have an account on steam. As for Discourse. I had trouble finding it on the homepage of Stonehearth aswell

Bug reports are not “feeling reports”

And to tell you the truth, this discourse is the best forum I have ever saw.

And it works.

If someone is blocked simple by the fear of unknown, than the person has some problems. A login screen ( where by the way you can enter any fake info you want if you desire to remain anonymous) is not a thread to someone that likes the game and wants to help it works without bugs.

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When you buy an alpha version, you must assume there will be many bugs. If you don’t want to report them, just don’t. It won’t kill anyone. Plus you can search for your bug at first and then report it if it isn’t known. But the discourse is certainly the best mean to report and talk about almost everything :smile:

Hey there @scramblesthecat, welcome to the Discourse! Thanks for the feedback.

First, as brought up by @Yohane1, @BrunoSupremo, and @Powerclank, part of the advantage of Discourse is the ability to have this sort of discussion and public view of the bugs, so instead of the developers getting 15 separate reports for the same bug, they get one report with a bunch of “confirmations”. Also, sometimes we get “bug reports” for things that aren’t actually bugs, and we (the moderators) and the community can help clarify what is actually going on.

That being said, I can absolutely understand the barrier of an “account” in regards to submitting a bug report. Discourse (the software) is working on improving email support for the Discourse, so once that is added the devs might be able to add an option to “email the report”, and automatically create an email to be sent into the Discourse. Either the game or the email could prompt the user to fill in some information, and sending it would create a new post here on the Discourse. The user would be emailed on any responses, and could respond to the report without ever needing to log in.

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