When Building A House Use Building Materials That Are Already Made Instead Of Making New Ones

I designed a building and thought I had to craft all the materials needed, as there was a list with them on. I spent ages collecting the required resources and crafting all the furniture. When I had everything I pressed build and then my carpenter started making everything again. When I built a second building, I collected the plain resources and pressed build and the carpenter made the furniture and it was fine. However, I happened to have in my inventory a couple of bits of the correct furniture, but instead the carpenter remade those as well.
To summarise, it would be better if:
1: The game explained that you don’t need to craft all the different bits of furniture, you only need the correct amount of wood or stone.
2: The Hearthlings use any furniture that is already in the inventory, rather than making new stuff.

In the game options you can change this auto-queue so the crafters will not redo everything.

But this is a hard thing to do, for example, what if I crafted a few doors to sell or use in a mission. If they use it in the build and do not craft a new one, I may fail the mission or trade.


could be solved with a goblin offering altar/totem, where you got the option to bring all the needed items. Same thing could be done for other trading interactions and it would be more immersive than items randomly disappearing from your inventory.