Whats your hearthling cap?

Just poking around for opinions. I max my cap at 50. Do you like to have a lower limit? Is there any benefit to having 50 lil buddies running about?

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well…you can do stuff faster like building.

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To a point… Then your machine slows down cause your game is using 14gb of RAM.


Like @Aviex said, you need alot of RAM to run this buddies.
For my pc, 20, just 20. with high specs as of 2005. yeah, just 20. :joy: -> :cry:


I set my cap at 75 and got to 61 hearthlings… It killed my 32gb RAM Desktop with top of line specs as of 2015


BSOD or literally dieded?

My guess is that it slowed to a crawl…

because @Aviex 's PC runs in 32gb.


It just slowed and slowed and slowed and slowed until I was practically getting 1 update cycle every 8 seconds on the game.

Pretty killer.

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For now, my cap is 36. I’m fairly new to the game, and want to concentrate on building up my template library without being constantly harassed with raids.

when was this if i might be so curious to ask? since i had like massive slowdowns in 17 (might have been 16) with 25 hearthlings.

But in v18 i got 43 now and it runs fairly smooth. Would not call it fast but easy playable and im on pretty old hardware.

And my town is 10 times as massive.

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This was like last week man. :joy:

I think I “stress test” the game every like 3 weeks? Basically play 1 long long play through till I’m hitting 60+ hearthlings.

If I could just split them into 2 different tiny communities that’d be nice.