How many hearthlings should my hardware support?

Hey there,

I’ve been playing since A11 and just played my first round of A17, but I noticed that performance got worse over time.

Since there have been so many DT’s about how much the performance got improved I cranked my max. hearthlings up from 18 to 30, but I noticed a huge performance drop when I was at ~22 hearthlings.
Now this being said I carved big rooms into a hill, so I’m not sure if it has something to do with this.

So, final question: Was the bad performance due to the amount hearthlings or my excessive mining?

Current CPU is a 6900K @ 4.3ghz and 32 gb RAM, lua was taking up around 50%.

This has to do with the mainthread having to execute too many tasks. That is likely due to high amounts of items on the ground, longer runways (pathing) and long playtime. The longer you play, the worse the performance gets. Likely leaky.