What would be the title of Your life as a movie

This summer get ready for the epic Drama film written and directed by Rybilton himself.
Starring Rybiltion as himself
Rob Schneider as a random kid
And Chloe moretz as the annoying sister

Captain cringe: Origins

Just a short draft example…I don’t know I got bored
Anyone else wanna give a try
Btw I will be judging
Winner receives bragging rights lol

                                                            Odyssey of a Shattered Mind
                                  The adventure of the millennium began with a single thought
Chronicling the adventures of the Archfiend Rathziel and their journey from vaunted hero to feared tyrant, see what made them turn from them turn from the path of light to chaos and darkness in this first ever retelling of their travels.

Just based off a character of mine, my actual life would require a bit of dramatization to be made into a movie so it's on the backburner if needed. Besides I want to see that movie I described, retelling/documentary hybrid about a good super wizard going nuts and conquering a bunch of stuff before being ousted? Sounds cool.

A Drama Called Life of a Teenager
wait…that’s my life

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The walking dead

At least for today that’s how I feel.


The story of a man crippled by his own inhibitions. A man who stands alone, but not by choice. A lonely tale. A tale of failures, with no redemption in site.

Dash: The Movie


Newf’s Magic Pants

Thats right, Im Irish AND HAVE MAGIC PANTS!!!


It’s fun using references to things only you and your friends talk/know about to the web.

Steve: The man, the myth… the moderator


Erm @SteveAdamo . We’ve already discussed this?

I told you, you get 20% of the profits and an aloe vera plant.


sorry, i went all Hollywood on you, and attempted to steal the spotlight… it shan’t happen again… :wink:


The Smith’s Aprentice, #1 Smith’s 1st great work.

Summoning the Dead
The life of a Necromancer.
Starring some very cool guy as Zuko and some wierd people as the undeads.

Actually @Smith I think it’d be something like:

Smith the Smith’s Apprentice of Steaming Steam. Steam Smith to the Steam Engines of Steam. Smith’s first great Steaming and Smithing Work. :smile:


As I walked out to my truck, I looked back to see my parents waving goodbye. I Opened the truck door, and knew that this marked the end of my childhood, and I would dearly miss it.

First Time Driving with licence

Oh my god Those feels :,(

only the greatest movie title ever

“Man journey, to Beardedness”

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Beautiful Minds

Because two are better than one…

Searching for her…

The story of finding the girl I loved after moving away.(No joke)

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Dem feels…

But dude, is that not what Facebook’s amazingly useful for?

March of the Penguins.

In a cold world, surrounded by wacky characters all headed in one direction.

I also have webbing on my feet.

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