What kind of theme's do you like to build?

Hey y’all, i was wondering what theme’s/syles you people like to build.
I usually build medieval style buildings.

A storage house with 5 beds

Simple wall you just put on the edge

another house

Share your creations!:smiley:

Downloadlink if you want these buildings, I will be adding more i think :slight_smile:


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Awesome buildings!

My personal style leans towards cottages, with an Ascendancy flair, although I do like to sprinkle in a lot of stonework too. Most of my towns never advance far into the “settled” stage, so I never get around to building large buildings or monuments; but once the new building editor is out I’m looking forward to trying to finally get a cathedral or three out of my head and into the game hahaha!

I like my buildings to have a cozy, almost cluttered feel to them – like they’re lived-in, warm and welcoming. I generally clump features close together, and use small-ish rooms with alcoves and nooks; often with furniture in them. I also like to use large groups of windows squashed together, and double doors rather than single doors where practical, to add to the feeling of “inviting-ness.”

Perhaps the ultimate expression of this style, though, are my “wizards towers.” They often serve as the Herbalist’s house and workshop, and they’re your stereotypical tall, twisting fantasy tower. There’s usually a “branch” sticking out leading to a minor room, there will be a balcony somewhere to provide views and break up the monotony of the tower, and I’ll often have a single chimney running up the height of the entire building. The overall effect is a fantastical, somewhat cramped but very charming (IMO) building which tells its stories and hides a couple of secrets at the same time. One day I’d like to try a whole town of such towers, but they’re a lot of work (it takes planning to make sure each stage can be built properly) so it’ll probably wait until the new building editor is ready.

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I really like clean, light colors, as sandstone. I also love pillars! For those reasons, I love old architecture of the middle-east. These people created some breathtaking monuments in their times and I often try to recreate some of them, even if I’m just building a little house for someone to live in :smiley:

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Dig the House + Storage House especially that you can go under the house at one side :smiley:

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