What is this creature?

What is the creature the Farmer is talking about? (I have ace and swamp goblin mods, jet, I have never seen anything like this in my 200+ hours. Does anyone know more about this treabeard looking fela?

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This is the “Ent” and it was supposed to be some kind of “bossmonster”, when you hoarded over … I think 300 wood? He never made it into the final game, unfortunately.
He’s in the game files (as you can see) but he’s not an enemy you can face.


I see, thanks :smiley:

Still, the legend of the vengeful Ent lives on in hearthling culture. Beware the hoarding of his kin.


He appears in quest form only (image and text), but not in the world. If you fail his demands he will send an entling army at your town