[SPOILER] Look what I found!

Not sure if anyone else has seen this, but I recently discovered something in the hearthstone files:

It’s titled “Ent” and “Ent Minion”. So, Radiant, when do we get to see these in game?


they look sic, right? :smile:

we’ve “known” about these mobs for a while now (from some other folks sleuthing)… as for when they’ll appear, I’m afraid Radiant hasn’t divulged that information yet…


What a spoiler! :cold_sweat:

(has a fanboy moment of squealing and dancing around my living room…finally calms down a bit)…

(adjusts tie and calmly sits on the couch with a coffee and clears throat) …

Yeah…I suppose that’s pretty cool. New enemies could be fun :smiley:

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Tom has already shown in a live :wink:

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agreed… the title has been adjusted accordingly… :+1:


Well, we always knew that was going to haunt us…

They have been in the files for a very long time.

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Let’s just hope they don’t use the money they made off that game to buy a fancy new DeLorean time machine…

But, in all seriousness, I hope to see them get in the game as a neutral enemy.

From build 127. Or 217, I don’t remember well… maybe 271 or 172. @_@

Look, its got a 2 and a 7 and a 1 in there. Or was it a 3 and a 6 and a 4? hmmmm… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No, I’m 100% sure it was those numbers.

Ok, I reviewed my files: they were introduced on Alpha 4 r 127 :grin: