What does the new Road Map tell us - a player's analysis


I am sure, most of you reading this, will know something of the old Road Map. That map presented something very different from what this is presenting and I will relay to you all, what this means, from my view as a player.

The Old Road Map

Presented the player with the projection of a ‘finished’ game, imo. From it we could see, that there would probably be a new world feature, there were to me more monsters and creatures as well as classes. There was to be an improvement on the Building section and some polishing to the Engine. There would also be Multiplayer. This was all to be in a finished game in the ‘near’ future accordingly.

With that background out of the way, we can take a look at the new map.

This presents much different things.

We can see that the base game, represented by the small bridged island, is complete, and that the major stuff is done.
We can see that the game master is done, the game should react fully to the player’s actions
We can see that there will be further improvements to the interaction between the player and the citizens and also a reworking as we know of the building system.
We also can see that there will be a direct consequence to each and ever activity in game.
The world is going to interact with us?? rain? quakes? blessings by the Gods?
As many have pointed out, Multiplayer still is ‘there’ but relegated to the distant future.
From the Castle in the middle of the screen, we can see that there is going to be a move towards a more, castle-y play style possible?

We can find that there is going to be something done to caves or cliff features. This can be seen in, what I think is a little easter egg, which I won’t point out unless requested - hehehe :stuck_out_tongue:

Some of the sea is covered with clouds. This may imply that there will be things like fishing, boats, sea life, etc

There is also a potential hint to a new race of creature, probably the Dwarfs or Nok (rabbits) from another thing that looks like a certain Egg, but as usual… tehehe :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also, it brings me great joy that the old map was replaced. the old map showed that the game was nearing completion (unless every new feature was like .5% of a increase in relative sections) and I felt that it stifled the imaginative potential from the gamer’s PoV. This new one shows better, imo, that the basic stuff is done and now there are going to be wonderful new secrets that will undoubtedly be unveiled slowly.

I must say, that before writing this article, I have not read at all any of the comments made by staff on the map, other than the reference for multiplayer in the respective threads, so as not to be influenced at all.
Thank for sticking with me in this speculative/educated guess of an analysis!
Leave your feedback, opinions, love and ideas below!!!


Rabbits as the typical RPG dwarf race would be incredibly cool, good engineers, heavy armor, live in underground cities, whiskers as facial hair…