The alpha 16 Roadmap look's so satisfying

Look at it look at the progress we are reaching Beta so fast! :smiley:


Now looking at jt

I love how the multiplayer in another island, since it’s secondary and kinda out of reach at this moment(not that it’s not gonna be a thing)

And also it’s multiplayer, so it makes sense to be on another island


World generation seems a little optimistic to me, given that we’re still one biome short and there’s no rivers, oceans, or any other natural water but lakes [and no islands without sunken patches.]

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Me personally, i agree with @coasterspaul your world gen is too high up, i would lower it by 20%, here is why: 2 Maps-> low custimization, maps feel to closely related, and maps are very small (considering you give us a lovely huge map to choose from. and buildings should be 10% lower since building issues still exist frequently! but i would give monster a 10% increase they are quite lovely.

I think the only major thing missing in buildings right now is interior walls, which they’ve started the design work for. Okay, come to think of it, I’d kind of like some reworking on roofs as well, but there are decent workarounds for now. Oh, and maybe a fence tool, but they’re doing the design work on that already too.

I like content, and I’d love to see plenty of titans some day, so honestly I’m excited about the Monsters & Denizens bar still being so low.