What do you think of my first ''real town''?

Is there any advantage to build underground?


Hey there @Raznag, welcome to the Discourse!

Nice town, look forward to seeing more :smiley:

I’m not seeing the picture?

huh, i can still see the pic, but going to photo bucket (where it was uploaded) it says the image was moved or deleted…

I just embeded it into the post (so no link). Can you see it now?

i tried that five times, but the image was broken so the discourse wouldnt let it upload :expressionless:

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I just put back the good link.

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I like the idea of building underground. There may be no advantage, but it can certainly make things interesting if you do things like make “tall” caves when you dig out mountains so that you can make custom buildings in them and make it look like a dwarven cirty fortress with bridges over gaps and buildings inside the mountain etc.

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Once, in a land deep under mount Shitua there lived a race.

they only came out once… to tell they had made the village…
not long after that, nobody ever heard anything of them again…

it still is a mystery what they go trough every day… what they look like… what they are like, how they act…

a mystery…

…to be continued…

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