What do you find cool/great/awesome in [r144]?

144 is smooth!!!

So far I like:
WASD and right mouse click does not slow down.


finding all the new bugs has been enjoyable, although in more of a gameplay respect, i really do enjoy that the UI is sticking less than in previous versions.

on the other hand my villagers need to stay closer to camp so the footmen can protect them. i don’t care how good the flowers smell on the other side of the hill


Half working fences!

I like when you first play r144 you have the little tutorial, but then after when you make new games you don’t have to go back through that. Its nice

and working Traders :smiley:

i had always been to scared of having too many useless items to start a trader quest.


but what if i want the little tutorial :frowning:

You’ll get nothing and like it! mwahahah >:D