What can you tell me about the game speed?

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what can you tell me about the game speed?
in the videos they build the house “slow” but ofc the speed goes up as you get more setlers andso on…
but how do the game look after 2 hours?

can i say to my friens "hey what a about a 3 hour game stonehearth?"
or is ist what i say more like in minecraft “hey i think today i build a farm a few houses”

talking about minecraft…is the game like minecraft without first person?

As a sandbox-type of game, Stonehearth should be kind of endless-game. So after 3 hours, you should still find new things and be able to further develop. In the game itself you will have different speed options, e.g. fast forward (in case you are a bit bored with what is going on at the moment). Here also future mods out of the community might help (apart from the core game), to keep it interesting.

Apart from the voxel-look, Stonehearth has not so much in common with Minecraft, if you ask me. Ok, both are also building-games. However, in stonehearth you will build and manage your own city, while in Minecraft you go out and… build.

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you have forgot about the rpg element of the game :smiley:

the game is very differnt from minecraft, you can look at the cickstarter page (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1590639245/stonehearth) for more information about it.

well my english is not the best so i hope i dont get them wrong…

"Persistent, Connected World: We’ll offer the option to host your game on our own servers (this may require a fee). All hosted games can choose to participate in entirely new gameplay modes with other hosted cities!

Here are some of the things we’re thinking about:

Your cooperative games will be available all the time, not just when the computer serving the game is on.

Establish alliances and supply-routes between friendly, player controlled cities.

Trade in the global economy that spans all hosted games.

Band several cities together to create your own Empires"

so i can run a server…wich is aviable all the time?´thinkin about PvP can ppl destroy my city if i go sleep?

No absolutely not.
The way I hope it will turn out to be is something between settlers, sim city, minecraft and stronghold(from ssi).
Some people compared it to dwarf fortress and castle story, but I dont know these games, so I dunno about that.

So speaking in genres its probably a real time strategy city building role playing game :laughing:

@Noiza With “Persistent World” you a referring to the last stretch goal from the kickstarter campaign which was not reached (not even including donations via PayPal). So we will have to wait a bit until we get some more clarification. It was mentioned that this feature still might come, but would probably depend on quite good sale numbers post release.

However, there will be a multi-player mode avaialble, which you can run on your “server” (computer) and which is only available to the others, in case you are online (or the server is up). Which features will be included… I think this is still a bit open.

Just to add on, if you (or a friend) are running a server, you should be able to control who has access to the server, in addition to when it is on.

From what I remember of the dev blogs and streams, if you are attacked it is only a copy of your city that is attacked, at least in the non-hardcore modes.
PVP is more like a leaderboard I think - ‘Noiza has survived 15 assaults and sacked 18 villages’ - that sort of thing.
So it is unlikely that all your hard work will be gone if you decide to go to sleep!

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ok talking about multiplayer…i read something about city raids and pvp.

maybe someone has information about it but just say i make a server with only me and my friend.

we make pvp against us. how fast can he destroy my city? is it like “ok today was a good day i killed two towers and a few soldiers.” or can he (or neutral monsters/titans burn my city into a few minutes into ashes? i think it will take houers to rebuild

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ah this helps much to understand ty^^

It’s ma mad typing skillz xD

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