PvP, which Alpha build do you think it'll be in?

I am very competitive. And I never really got into Minecraft and the other free builder thingies, because well, I thrive to KILL things and people!

Speaking of PvP, how is matchmaking going to work?

Well, we can combobulate the dingdad until the Radiant pops loose, and then we can reassemble the pieces to come up with some inference on how it will work, but no official word yet.

Also, you should probably get that killing urge out, maybe visit a psychologist or something…

I don’t think PvP is (or should be) very high on the to-do list. That is a feature which I am also looking forward to, but first the game needs to be up and running with most of the features. Reading what will be in for Alpha 1, I would not expect to see anything PvP-related prior the game moves at least from Alpha to Beta status.

On “matchmaking” we do not know yet. The few details we know you can read here:


… apart from that you can look up some older threads on PvP (using the search function) to see what others would like to see.

Don’t get me wrong, I love PvP and all of its competitiveness, but I think the game should focus on other, more important things, like Classes, Resource Collection, Terrain Generation, etc. However, I am probably as bloodthirsty as @xcomvic (I take a perverse pleasure in the sound that AOE villagers make when they die).

Indeed, I am simply giddy at the thought of sending my warriors, mod-troops, archers, knights, etc, crashing into an enemy’s city’s walls as their resources are slowly destroyed and sapped by my siege engines… but we won’t have that for a while. Unfortunately.

I don’t think we will be seeing any PvP during the Alpha, or even the Beta phases.

I wouldn’t count on pvp until much later in the development cycle…

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Alpha 7261. Fact.


As everyone above me has said, PvP is more than likely going to be coming later rather than sooner - to me it is a feature that is realistically to be expected nearer the September 2014 mark if not beyond, gotta have that solid single player experience first right?


It has been recorded as the truth! We must now only wait and watch as the prophecy unfolds.

Besides that, they would have to get their money in before they add the server capability to handle multiplayer. In addition, [quote=“Geoffers747, post:8, topic:3768”]
gotta have that solid single player experience first right?


PvP SHOULD be a HIGH PRIORITY. Why be another Minecraft or Terraria…blah blah blah… we humans WANT TO KILL!!! And laugh at our enemies demise!!!


@xcomvic This WONT be another Minecraft or Terraria… The play-style is different. The main part of this game is, quote on quote: Stonehearth is mainly gonna be about the building and crafting aspects.


@Prof_Crafter I am pretty sure that he is asking why they would make it to be another MC or Terraria, not saying that it should be another version of that game.

Umm… I personally get WHAT he is saying. Still not clear as to the WHY.

“Why be another Minecraft or Terraria” doesn’t make sense in any context as regards to Stonehearth.


well, i cant speak for the devs (even though i like to pretend i do), but one thing is for sure… they would just hate to be another minecraft… imagine having to roll around in all that money, day in and day out…

perish the thought! :smile:


Yeah I don’t think we’ll see co-op for a while let alone PvP. I don’t think that’s coming into play until late in the development phase, maybe July next year if they’re aiming for early September 2014.

As for the Minecraft/Terraria comparison I don’t understand please elaborate.

We could always attempt to brutalize pvp into being once we get saving and combat. Just import the city from the save and set it as an enemy faction and see what happens.

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I’d have a hard time imagining that any PvP would be in the game until very late in the development. It would be difficult to see any competition spawning out of this until the main game has been more or less completed, and balanced. The latter is exceptionally important, as RTSs tend to have a lot of balance issues early on. Alpha, Beta etc. versions are going to be prone to many trials and tribulations, therefore making any reasonable competition pretty demanding. I could see co-op working fairly early on, but anything outside of “hey, look at us populating the same map!” seems to be rather unbelievable. Be it my skepticism or not, this is how I’d see it. And even in the latter case, resource management needs to be ironed out! You don’t want two people to decimate the landscape in a maelstrom of neoliberal mayhem. This is obviously assuming that you’d take locations close to each other, and not simply fly to opposite ends of the map, never to see each other again. Some cooperation would be therefore expected. What is in store in regards to this though, I cannot [obviously] say. :smile:

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I don’t think you really can compare the games. The only thing they have in common is the graphical theme. What you can compare Stonehearth to is timber and stone. I am getting more concerned every day that Stonehearth is going to be a rip-off of timber and stone, with a somewhat more easy-on-the-eyes graphical engine.

If you don’t know what timber and stone is, it can be found here:

Dwarf Fortress? Gnomoria? Towns? Castle Story?

We’ve had this discussion before, whilst I can see where the comparisons are with Timber and Stone, there are substantial differences.

For one thing Timber and Stone is a lot more micro than Stonehearth is aiming for.

@SteveAdamo is one of the head honcho’s over there so he’ll be able to inform you more than I can.


Taken from the Reddit AMA:

Q: What do you see as your competitors? Minecraft? Cube World? Castle Story? Timber and Stone?

A: I don’t think in terms of competitors, because this is a brand new genre and there’s room for multiple games.

First, even though we use voxels, we don’t play like Minecraft or Cube World at all. Castle Story, Timber and Stone, Towns, and Gnomoria are all better comparisons.

But all these games have their own spin on the “city management with building and crafting” genre that’s developed, which is great! For Stonehearth, we’re 100% focused on building the kind of game that we want to play.

See also:

Dragging it all up tonight aren’t we!

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Don’t go getting all upset with me QQ