Welcome Allie Strom 😃!


In Wednesday’s Stream, we got to see Radiant’s very own Allie Strom join Stephanie on stream to showcase some of her art. Then, in the Alpha 16 release, we got to see some of Allie’s new in-game work, with some awesome new designs for footman and knight armor.

In passing during the stream, @sdee mentioned that Allie was on the Discourse, so, without further ado, let’s welcome @Allie to the Discourse!

P.S. @allie when you see this, you need a Profile Picture!

Steam Trading Cards & Stonehearth

Welcome @Allie! :smile:

Now which one’s the correct spelling? :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey! Wow, thanks so much Jomaxro, and CrazyCandy!

Ahaha, I am usually super awful at updating profile pics. Or updating them once, and then never changing them for as long as I’m alive. I will make a thing for discourse soon though, thanks for the heads up!

The correct spelling is Strom : D


My bad :sweat_smile:!

You shouldn’t have to worry about that. Pretty sure all the devs have the same picture from whenever they first joined the team.


welcome @Allie, glad to see you’ve joined the discourse :smile:

do you mean Wednesdays Stream? :wink:


Boy, I’m not doing so well today!


Storm sounds cooler. We’re going to stick with that. Hope you understand.


Agreed! Storm definitely sounds cooler > : D


Wait! Is that Allie?!
The real Master Allie herself?!

Welcome to the discourse!
(And also i’m a fan of work since the first splash screen you did. It stole my heart!)


Wait a minute, does Allie draw all those splashscreens?


yep, she’s drawn all the splashscreens since… A11 i think?


Now I know to whom I should say kudos for all the nice arts.


Chat that day had a great idea. WTB a splashscreen calendar :smile:


I’m laaaaaaate :smiley:
Hello Allie :smiley:


Not at all, hello! : D


Carrot tower!! The splash screens have been so much fun to work on, and I’m so happy to be working much more on Stonehearth now. Thanks so much for the welcome : D !


Hello, and goodluck :smiley:


Welcome Allie !!! And thank you very much for yours beautifull arts !!!


I adore the fact that your family name is Strom :smiley: It means “tree” in my language!