Weird stuff going on with the optimization


Steps to reproduce:

  1. have an i5 4460 and 8gb of ddr3 ram
  2. stonehearth alpha 19
  3. Any village

Expected Results: Normal performance

Actual Results: lag spikes and glitches and crashes

Notes: the game spawns villagers in unreachable places like oceans and mountains aswell as running better on 32 bit then 64 and using fullscreen aswell as 64 bit causes unbearable laggspikes


Version Number and Mods in use: alpha 19 stable

System Information: Intel i5 4460 3.2 ghz 4 core and 8 gb of ddr3 ram intel hd 4600 overclocked to 13 multiplier

Welcome to the forum, @NielsDEF :slight_smile:

I think you mentioned this on the Twitch livestream, right?

We need a little more info in order to diagnose (sorry for so many questions at once):

  1. You are getting lag and spikes when you play on 64bit and / or fullscreen, correct?
  2. Using the same savefile, are you not experiencing lag at all when playing on 32bit?
  3. Are you playing for a long time before reloading / quitting the game? How many hours approximately?
  4. When you start to notice the lag, how big is your city? How many hearthlings do you have?
  5. Which graphic settings do you usually play with?

i usually use the lowest possible settings i am getting lag spikes on 64 bit and fullscreen it happens when i use one of the two or both i have started a couple of worlds and it is not dependent on the city or terrain neither is it dependent on the buildings or mountains that kinda stuff i approximatly play an hour or more but the lag starts at the beginning not halfway in

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If the spikes happen from the beginning, and they disappear completely if you play on 32bit mode, sounds like some other program is messing with the game.

Have you checked this list to see if you have any of these programs running in the background? (click on the link to see the full list)

Paging @Albert for thoughts.

I will investigate the spikes when I got the time anyway, since many players complain of some type of leak after playing for several hours.

ok thanks i hope it gets fixed soon in some sort of way have a great day

If it happens on a newly created game, it sounds like a network packet scanner or optimizer is delaying packets between the Stonehearth client and server. I’d definitely check that list that Relyss posted. You could also give us a task manager dump of all the processes running on a newly rebooted machine and we’ll see if we can spot anything.