Weaver re-balancing?

So the Weaver uses a Spindle as the definition of it’s job.
So why can’t the Weaver use the spindle to make thread?

Right now you need to use the spinning wheel for that.
The weaver has no real progression since you build all of it’s building directly.

So my suggestion is this.
First change protection of Military uniform from +2 to +1, this is to make the padded vest more useful.
We introduce the Studded leather armor for lvl 3 archers.

  • Weaver Lvl 0-1
    • Weaver can make thread with a Spindle from start. It takes 3 times as long as it does now and produces 1 thread. Uses the Workbench.
  • Weaver lvl 2
  • At Weaver level 2 the Weaver can build a Spinning wheel. Using the spinning wheel to make thread it takes just about the time it does now to make thread and it produces 2-3 (depending on weaver level/luck) threads each time.
    Uses the Spinning wheel.
  • Only level 1+ weavers can use the spinning wheel.
  • Weaver lvl 3+
  • Weaver can build Loom producing cloth.
  • Only level 2+ Weavers can use the Loom.

New costs and level reqiurements

  • Weaver Workbench (level 0 weaver): 1 wood and 1bundle of fibre
  • Weaver Spinning wheel (level 2 weaver): 1 wood and 3 threads
  • Weaver Loom (level 4 weaver): 2 wood 4 threads


  • Weaver lvl 0
    • Thread using Spindle and Worbench
    • Bolt of leather
  • Weaver lvl 1
    • Thick Leather Vest (currently lvl 2) (reduce protection to 3 from 4)
    • Leather skull cap (currently lvl 2)
    • Fur rug (currently lvl 1) (new cost 1 fur pelt 1 thread)
    • Weaver sign (currently lvl 1)
  • Weaver lvl 2
    For everything lvl 2 for the Weaver you need to trade for Bolts of cloth since you can’t produce them yourself.
    • Upgraded Worker outfit (currently lvl 1)
    • Winter Worker outfit (currently lvl 0)
    • Cloth padded Helmet (currently lvl 1)
    • Padded vest (currently lvl 1) (reduce protection from 3 to 2)
      This makes the Padded vest replace Military uniform if you have it.
  • Pretty curtains (currently lvl 0)
  • Small Wall-mounted banner (currently lvl 0)
  • Weaver lvl 3
  • Bolt of cloth (currently lvl 0) using Loom
  • Spiky quiver (currently lvl 3)
  • Bolt of cloth (currently lvl 0)
  • Big Wall-mounted banner (currently lvl 1)
  • Decorative Throw rug (currently lvl 1)
  • Wall-mounted Tapestry (currently lvl 1)
  • Plushie Toy rabbit (currently lvl 1)
    *Weaver lvl 4
  • Studded Leather Vest (new item at Armor 4) (2 bolts of leather 2 thread 1 bar of iron)
    Usable by Archers from lvl 3
  • Weaver lvl 5
    • Fire quiver (currently lvl 5).

This probably makes the progression for the Weaver a bit harder and increases the need to actually trade for items.
It would also give the Weaver something useful to do in replacing the Military Uniform with something better.


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leather at leather 0 and leather armor at level 1? while the weaker padded vest at lvl 2? this is not a rebalance, this just doesnt make any sense… not immsersive nor gameplay wise…

Padded vest can be used from lvl 0 fighter while Leather vest needs a lvl 1 fighter.

Padded vests didn’t make sense before either.

Being able to produce everything you’ll ever need at lvl 1 doesn’t make sense with the Weaver in the first place.

If I really had my way they would split away the leather parts from the Weaver into a Tanner/Leatherworker class instead.

Would be nice to see the Weaver needing a seperate workbench for leather. A tanning rack and basin. Also flies, because it’s dirty and smelly work you’d want to do outdoors!

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They do need a separate workbench to make the bolts of leather.

I think the weaver is fine as they are, they could maybe do with a couple more (new) higher level recipes but an entire reshuffle isn’t needed. That would just be unnecessary work.

If a weaver can make thread at level 0 why does it take them 3 levels to work out how to make cloth? Also needing an iron bar for something that only gives 4 armour is not worth it in the slightest.

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It would be nice to see the weaver make some higher level archer armor, and maybe mage robes if/when that is a thing.

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yeah more physicall requirements would be more immersive than just level, like salt and special workbenches (which are also really needed as esthetic elements). Also different qualities of leather, like small furred hide parts for some crude pelted outfits for the winter and some strong leather armor made out of bigger hide like wolf, bear or boars…

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I like this post since the weaver have been the class i never see the point in making… i just trade the leather and cloth i need, the armor is useless when you get a BS? Might be a different story with RC and hardmode…?
But the idea of a workbench/tanningrack for leatherwork would be cool!
What helpfull items could the weaver produce in the future? Nets? Hunting and catching goblins! :grinning:

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well the weaver got some nice deco items and the upgraded worker outfit is pretty usefull, and i always maintain 30-40 fur rugs which are sold for some good money…
but imo ropes and as you mentioned nets will be needed for ingi and trapper class. If the villagers would simply decays after lets say 15 days and we need to reproduce these over and over, so the weaver is constantly used…