Correct weaver level-up description

Almost like a bug, but so minor that I didn’t feel right making it anything other than a suggestion. When the weaver levels up to level 2, the text says “The weaver is now skillful enough to use materials created by other crafters”, but one of the items that is unlocked is the thick leather vest, which requires bundles of leather, which are crafted by the weaver herself. I guess the pelts come from the trapper, but it’s already a stretch calling them a crafter I think, and even then going by the description, it should be the bundle of leather that gets unlocked, as that actually uses materials created by another profession.

Like I said, very very minor. But there you go.


“The weaver is now skillfull enough to use other materials.” Does that sound better?

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Yup, that would be more accurate :slight_smile:

There is also the description for the level 6 skill ‘10,000 Hours’ - “The Weaver’s mastery of his trade allows him to come up with completely new ways of using wood”… Shouldn’t it say fabric or fibers or something instead of wood?


Radiant, if you’re going to copy and paste, you should at least make sure that it makes sense :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh, yes, I forgot about that one, @mokujin1970, but noticed that also.