Weapons and its uses

We have all been thinking about what weapons should be in the game. I thought I would take it a step further.

Good: very Fast, can be used with shield. Can parry
Bad: Against armor, Not that high damage.

Good: Medium fast. Good against cavalry. Deacent range. Can be used with shield. Good charge on horseback.
Bad: Bad against infantry. Bad in(really) close combat.

Good: fast. Good damage. Can be used with shield.
Bad: Short range. Hard to get critz with.

Good: High damage. Piercing attack.
Bad slow.

-Two-handed sword:
Good: Medium fast. Can hit multiple enemies.
Bad: Bad damage for a two-handed. Cant be used on horseback

Good: Very long range. Great against cavalry. Can be used in formation
Bad: Very slow. Bad in close quarters combat. Cant be used on horseback.

-Two-handed axe
Good: Very high damage. Can chop down trees.
Bad: Slow. Very short range. Cant be used on horse back.

Good: Extremely high damage. Can destroy armor(depending on material).
Bad: Very very slow. Short range. Cant be used on horseback

Good: Extremely high charge damage. Can be used with shield
Bad: can only be used in horseback. Bad in close quarters combat.

Ranged weapons

Good: Good damage. Fast. Can fire over things. Long range. Can fire three arrows at a time(special skill)
Bad: Cant pierce heavy(and some light) armor.

Good: Can pierce damage. Very long range. High damage. Can be dual wielded(magic crossbows)
Bad: Slow. Cant fire over things.


Good: Can block arrows and gives extra stats to block.

Good: Extra charge damage. High health
Bad: Takes extra damage from spears and pikes.

Note: The soldier and materials affect the stats.

I know it was terrible.

I mace is a blunt attack and should have chance to stun, also it’s good against heavy armor.

It’s not a bad list, I’d quibble some of the stats, but overall it seems reasonable. What I’m curious about (and I don’t think we know) is can any soldier use any weapon or will weapons work like tools (ie, talismans), so a ‘Swordsman’ is created by giving someone a sword and a ‘Spearman’ is created by giving someone a spear. In this case the advantages and disadvantages of the weapon and the one that wields it become blurred, though I’d imagine you’d see something similar in terms of trade-offs between weapons, to encourage variety in military units if nothing else.

Also, an addition:
Pros: Fast firing, good damage, good against armor
Cons: Short-ranged


Reviving an old thread.

How about adding to some “elite” weapon requirements the need for special attributes to be satisfied, for instance let’s say in order to carry a “double handed” sword one would need to have at least 5 points in “Heart / Body” Hearthling attribute.

What do you guys think of this?