Water, weather, difficulty, aging and families

is there any plans to add some sort of method to increase the level of water in pools you’ve expanded, most obviously through rain? it’s just that if you start digging tunnels from lakes or expanding them that’s it - once you use all the water it’s gone. to add to this, if it’s not already a suggestion will there be weather in general?

my main thought, the game in it’s current state is incredibly hard to lose, is there plans to add a third difficulty, harder than normal? if not, to me at least, this is a fairly important addition for replayability. the penalty for letting a hearthling die is nonexistent so if one dies why should i care when another one is going to come scurrying along the very next day at a cheaper threshold that i likely already exceed.

perhaps a way to remedy the mediocre difficulty/learning curve would be to acquire hearthlings through birth. it requires a male and female adult hearthling and a home for example. then there’s mini hearthling(s) cruising around for x amount of days doing nothing but consuming resources until they mature, at which point they can also pair off with eligible mates and continue the colony. this would cause you to truely value hearthlings, if you have one child bearing female left and she dies, you’re done - there’s no new hearthlings for your colony. the penalty is significant enough that you will value hearthling’s lives and you will need to actively keep tabs on their welfare and familial state to ensure the health of your colony. perhaps if there’s an attack you would normally call all citizens too you now have decisions to make, how many women do you have left, how many men? who can i afford to lose and what would be the end of the colony.

other logical additions would also contribute to making it harder. if you have a house with 30 beds, it should be fairly likely your hearthlings will fall ill causing them to become less productive, or even die. natural disasters such as floods or, digging deep within mines bringing up all sorts of issues like cave ins or dangerous gases, just some quick examples.

i’m not sure if i’m alone, from searching topics it would seem that’s the case, but the game is simply too easy. i’m well aware it’s in development and things will change, but with that being said after sinking over a hundred hours into it i can’t help but shake the feeling the game is too childish for it’s own good. don’t get me wrong i absolutely love the game, but in it’s current state now that i’m deeply familiar with the game it’s just wearing a little thin having no challenge.

perhaps i’ll just have to wait for some gifted modders to overhaul mechanics to better suit my play style.



My thoughts have banished.

Which actually makes sense since I believe this is where the game is heading ( Banished is a city-builder game which uses climate, food shortage and education as difficulty regulators ). We have different types of craftable costumes among which a “winter worker coat” is an option.

Was there not a “seasons” to do on their roadmap under World Generation?

I’m not sure I would agree with the “natural disasters” suggestion though, rather use the GameMaster to control either stronger invasions or game productions efficiency ( would make sense for multiplayer where bonuses may vary in different regions / height on each season ) This would create the need for someone to establish a base on the fields and supply someone over the mountains -bigger distances- with little access to food production output ) Working together in order to defend from incoming hordes of Goblins. Who would reach the highest world map value = level = Game difficulty?

Overall we would need to master every aspect of the game in order to achieve and master construction, craftaing, planning, logistics and do so by building something awesome or lose trying…

What would you think about that Flitty?

Any MODs programmers around? Just saying …

but with the increasing population we would have then to have one large map because the map is relatively small.

well the map is planned to be made larger, possibly even infinite eventually.

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Infinite would be bad, because the small map hangs sometimes, at least large would be better.

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I really hope they add kids. They should be even more cuter than the adult hearthlings and run around playing with the stuffed rabbits I keep making, and of course chasing around the pet animals. I don’t know what’s a good amount of time for them to be growing up, or if it should be multi-phased or just be like born at 9 years old and then one morning wake up as an adult.

I think it makes sense that the number of kids you get from your pairings would be based also on the amount of food your settlement produces.