Water level stop working

I got engine error on the water level when diggin a river around my village

Welcome to the forum, @darkhearth :smile:
Could you upload somewhere a screenshot of the error that you get and post the link here?
Also, which version are you playing, is it A10.5 - 3?

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Thanks! Unfortunately I cant because I dont have the save file anymore but I can describe you what was happening

I was diggin a moat around my village and an engine error pop out it seemed to be in the getWaterLevel function. the error also cause the water to “stop flowing”

the water stop flowing and the game become much laggy because error stack and “eat” RAM

version A10.5 release 393 x64

Hi, I was just having this problem as well. Here are a couple screenshots with my error and the moat I was working on: Stonehearth - Album on Imgur

The game then repeatedly makes this error (It’ll say 1/3000 or so in the top right of the error window by the end of it) until within a few minutes the game slows down so much I can’t even save the game. I really hope someone’s found a work-around so I can continue playing this town :smile:

Yeah! it’s exactly the same error I got. And it was while I was digging a moat too

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