[Ack] R375 x64 Waterlevel and Distance


soo after a little test and building an own realistic sea i get now this error message everytime its start ^^ also the waterlevel doesnt rise - so that the upper sea doesnt have enough water now xD

also you can see that i have reached the distancelimit ^^ they doesnt recognizes that there are task upside - only when i get them in party and send them their - then the dig orrrr they have probs because they should set items their and cant reach them xD

also you see on some pics that the goblins has spawned and was killed inside my boarder :wink: on the left side next to my walls :smiley:

Ok, I just fixed the bug triggering the error message. Thanks for the help!

Also, fyi, we haven’t optimized the terrain modification yet, so using the single block mining tool to dig jagged shapes will cause performance to drop a bit.