R271 x64 - Water(fall) Issue

Hi i havent found another topic to continue (perhaps @SteveAdamo can find something xD)

The first test with the new version and i still cant make an proper moat ^^

Just tried to make an moat and when i remove the last block this errors will shown up xD

Just for Info reinstall and without translation - same issue xD

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for starters, water is still in its infancy… :wink:

but just for clarity’s sake, can you elaborate on what you were trying to accomplish here?

steve i know that its still in infancy ^^ but without errormessage no way to resolve it :wink:

so its just an report of the issue - and the steps:

  1. make a ditch next to water
  2. remove the last block
  3. see error message ^^

This looks a lot like the following errors:

It has something to do with mining and water, though I’ve only seen it once doing what you did above (the other times I had connected a trench to water, there were no errors).


Beat me to it, @phector2004. When I looked at the picture, it was the same assertion failed codes that I got.

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Ok, fixed! Thanks for the help!