Watch the Livestream Wherever You Are!


I have noticed a lot of people seem to have been missing livestreams because they don’t know when they are, so I intend to continually bump up this post the day before each, as I have listed below all the different times it is in each country.

  • *USA & Canada (Pacific) - 16:00
  • *USA & Canada (Mountain) - 17:00
  • *USA & Canada (Central) - 18:00
  • *USA & Canada (Eastern) - 19:00
  • *Canada (Newfoundland) - 14:30
  • *Canada (Atlantic) - 15:00
  • *UK - 00:00
  • *Germany - 01:00
  • *France - 01:00
  • *Spain - 01:00
  • *Italy - 01:00
  • Australia (Western) & China - 07:00
  • Australia (Central) - 08:30
  • Australia (Eastern) - 09:00

*using daylight saving time

these are all based on 16:00 PDT remaining the time at which livestreams begin

Of course it’s probably easier to click the link to the countdown that @Geoffers747 has posted below but ah well :smile: If anybody wants another time zone, I’m happy to add it. See you all in the stream! :smile:


Aw no Canada(I’m Canadian).


There is a far far easier way to do this.

Gimme a sec to whip it up.

Edit: This should hopefully be all you need Event Time Announcer - Next Livestream

It should automatically detect your timezone and change accordingly.

Double Edit: And if you simply want the countdown Countdown Timer - Time since Aug 8, 2013 4:00 pm started in Los Angeles


where are you in Canada?


Ontario,Oshawa.(this is filler because i cant post less than 20 letters)


Um this is UNACURATE! Countdown Timer - Countdown to Dec 16, 2013 12:00 noon in San Jose, California

Still keeping the link


I actually always watch the recorded version. Waaay to lazy to stay up till 01:00p.m. :slight_smile:


Inaccurate indeed :stuck_out_tongue:!

We should try to not jinx anything, and just not talk about the beta release timeframe.


I’m on vacation and can’t access the recordings from the Twitch app! I’ll have to wait until September until I can see the streams, unless it’s uploaded somewhere else? Or if someone would be kind enough to upload them to an external site?


uhh, then, that’s east coast time… I think


Me too :smile: Where in the german/france time zone do you come from :wink:


Canada uses the same time zones as the US with the exception of Newfoundland which is Atlantic + 30min. Eastern Ontario is Eastern time which Oshawa is in I believe.


Well don’t I feel silly…I even used the same website for all the conversions. Still, some people don’t know whether they’re on summer time and what not and so might put in the wrong time zone.

Canada has been added to the list :smile:


i request time conversions for location is South East Asia: Phillippines, Singapore, Malaysia , Thailand & etc


@Smokestacks When you said “Daylight Savings” at the top of the thread, I was a little bit confused. Daylight savings is for the winter. Summer time is Standard Time.


Winter time is standard time, Daylight Savings is summer time.
In winter sun rises to the zenit around 12 o’clock , in summer it reaches zenit around 1 p.m.


Actually its switzerland :slight_smile:


this should convert the time automatically for you


Damn. That puts at it the same time as uni, it’s simply horrible knowing it will be on at the same time that I’m having to listen to instructions on how to make buttons and alert boxes for websites.

Also we should see if there is a way to embed countdowns into discourse as it would be way more useful.


um Australia please. we like live streams too.

also thanks you are awesome